Because successful financial planning is an ongoing process, Fiscalis Advisory primarily works in proactive, ongoing client relationships.

Such engagements involve a fully integrative approach driven by your goals and objectives, with a particular emphasis on long term wealth protection, enhancement, and transfer.

This approach creates a foundation for your financial success by rigorously connecting and bridging your ever-changing situation today, with your vision and goals for tomorrow through an implemenation, review, and update cycle.

While everyone’s situation requires its own areas of emphasis, typical aspects of consideration generally include:

  • Personal goals discovery and development
  • Cash flow needs analysis
  • Financial independence / Retirement planning
  • Social Security benefits maximization planning
  • Pension review and analysis
  • Functional asset allocation and personal risk capacity evaluation
  • Investment consulting and non-discretionary investment management
  • Access to the institutional investment strategies pioneered by Dimensional Fund Advisors
  • Tax planning and minimization
  • Tax preparation including audit protection
  • Asset transfer planning
  • Ongoing, proactive consideration

Advanced planning to both enhance and protect your wealth, while also preparing for the transfer of assets to the next generation as efficiently as possible is also included.

This service offering is appropriate for those who value PROACTIVE advice, are serious about their ongoing success, and are in a position to benefit from the value delivered by professional investment management.

Accepting that everyone’s circumstances are unique, and must be evaluated accordingly, such engagements are ideally suited for those with collective investment portfolios in the range of $1 million or more.

Fiscalis Advisory also provides advice in limited projects, such as the Fiscalis Financial Review, and Fiscalis Financial Plan. Unlike an ongoing engagement, both of these projects provide varying levels of guidance, limited client-planner interaction, and no implementation assistance.